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Romani Week 2022 – Historical and current dimensions of antigypsyism

The second day of Romani Week 2022 has just finished. Today’s topics were dedicated to ”Historical and current dimensions of antigypsyism”. The panels discussed were as follows: ”The Decade to counter antigypsyism as a new strategy for Roma inclusion in the EU and Western Balkan & Turkey”; ”Historical and current dimensions of antigypsyism”; ”Combatting intersectional discrimination faced by Roma women” and ”Digital and Green agendas, challenges and opportunities for the Roma community”. Peter Pollak, Member of the European Parliament from European People's Party Group and Vice-President of ARDI Intergroup, spoke about the fight against racism as a new strategy for Roma inclusion in the EU, the Western Balkans and Turkey: ”We still have the philosophy that some races are inferior. Unfortunately, the Roma have been experiencing this kind of philosophy for years, they still face police brutality in many countries and I am highly motivated to work on this cause as well as to enable interventions and investigations. In Europe, we had unpleasant experiences with police brutality in countries such as Slovakia, where the police beat Roma children and forcibly intervened against them in Roma villages. We have the experience of the Czech Republic, where Stanislav Tomáš was killed by the police. We must fight against police abuse, which continues to cause social and economic exclusion for the Roma." Pollak stated. Other issues that affect Roma communities are due the fact that some states, like Romania and Bulgaria, don't absorb enough funds from the European Union. This reality is unfortunately reflected in Roma community’s everyday life, because to improve ethnics’ quality of life means to first have relevant social policies and a well-done strategy.

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